Multiple URL load tests and a new non-cycling test type

In an effort to bring the most functional load testing platform to all our amazing users we’ve gathered your feedback, prioritized it based on importance from “your” perspective and release some amazing new features.  We’re happy to announce we’ve created & enabled the following new features for all users.

  • All new design for creating load tests
  • Multiple URL testing – define up to three URLs per load test
  • New test type: Non-Cycling

All new design for creating load tests

We’re adding new features almost daily, and to insure we can still keep the super clean UI we’ve redesigned the test creation process.  The new design keeps with our commitment to a UI that is clean and easy to use.  In addition, it’s done in a way that will let us add some exciting new features while making minimal design changes.  Check it out and let us know what you think.


Multiple URL testing

Starting today, you can specify up to three URLs per load test, and customize options for each such as GET/POST, Headers, and Parameters.  To add a new URL, just click the + button.

multi-url 2013-04-12 11-50-38

New test type

When we launched we provided one test option that we call Cycling which works by making each connection continuously perform a request for the duration of your test.  Lots of you wanted to be able to test a specific number of connections and stop, so we’ve made a new test type called Non-Cycling.  Non-Cycling will cause each connection to perform the request only once during the duration of the load test.

non-cycling 2013-04-12 11-53-04