A brand new message center keeping you up-to-date with just a tweet

We made this new message center only for you… Well, that’s not entirely true, but it’s half the reason.

The truth is that we have limited resources because we’re trying to build and release as fast as we can – and this makes it hard for us to communicate with you all as often as we should.  In an effort to be as transparent as possible we created a new message center that let’s us send a simple tweet and it’ll show up in the app so you get the message as fast as possible.

We have two kinds of messages

  • Alerts
  • Updates


Alerts are for things we want to you know about and acknowledge. Our goal is to let you know quickly about: service issues, scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance, and the occasional bug. For these types of messages we’ll show you an alert notification with an OK button for you to acknowledge you’ve read it.

alert-message 2013-04-18 21-43-25


Updates are for new features and general updates about the service. These types of messages will only show in the message window and we’ll show a simple badge when there are updates waiting for you.

badge 2013-04-18 22-01-50

Once you’ve read your messages, the badge will reset.

badge2 2013-04-18 22-03-04