Re-Running Tests

Today is a big day. It used to be a test could only be run once. Want to run the same configuration again? Clone the test and re-run. Not anymore! Today that all changes; just got more awesome.

You may have noticed a shiny new button on the test results page. Yes folks, by popular demand it’s here: the ability to run a test multiple times:

Re-run button

When you re-run a test, the results are automatically grouped together with previous results of the same test. By default when you view a test, we show you the results from the most recent run. If you want to see results from previous runs, check out the new “All Results” tab. This new tab displays a summary of all your test’s results, and allows you to click through and view detailed results from each running of your test:


Check it out, and as always, let us know what you think!