Longer load test durations and more with add-ons

Add-ons for running longer load tests and more URLs per test

The team has been doing a lot of work to make sure we provide the very best and most requested features to our user community. As a result, today we’re happy to be announcing support for one of the most popular requests –  Longer tests.  Until today the longest test duration we’ve supported is 10 minutes, but with the recent addition of our add-ons anyone can elect to run tests for up to 1 hour.

For the impatient, you can get started by going to your plans page and clicking the boost button to select your add-ons. If you’re interested to understand more about add-ons and why we created them, skip ahead to “What are add-ons?”
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What are add-ons? We’ve created add-ons to support extending testing capabilities for our Pro users.

Today we support the following add-ons:
– Increased test duration (in 10 min increments)
– Increased URLs per test (in 10 URL increments)

* If longer tests or more URLs are needed custom plans can be setup

In the future we may support:
– Increased clients per test
– Others based on user demand…

Pricing details:
Add-ons are available to Pro users at a cost of $25/ea per increment and are available as a subscription. This means the add-ons purchased can be leveraged for the entire subscription period (i.e. for the month) and will be renewed monthly along with the Pro plan subscription.  Add-ons can be added & removed at anytime.

Increased test duration (in 10 min increments)
– $25/per with a maximum of 5 (supports testing for 1 hr)

Increased URLs per test (in 10 URL increments)
– $25/per with a maximum of 1 (supports 20 URLs per test)

Example: You would like to run a 1 hr test, you would purchase 5 duration add-ons (10 min already in plan + 5 duration add-ons = 1hr). If you need more, you can contact the loader team and we’d be happy to extend your plan.

Why the limit of add-ons purchased? Like our users we’re always improving our service to make it faster and more scalable, allowing everyone can have the best experience possible.  Providing longer tests and additional features seems easy in theory, but the reality is there’s impact on service performance. We’ve decided to roll these add-ons out incrementally and with usage limitations to provide the best experience for all users.

We’d love to hear your feedback