Announcing New Loader Features and Functionality

At SendGrid Labs, we are continually striving to improve the experience and capabilities of our apps with the clear objective of making developers’ lives more awesome.

Our customers have been instrumental in providing us with support questions and honest feedback. We’ve been listening. Over the past several months, our team has been burning the midnight oil developing some really awesome enhancements to our Loader service.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of a number of exciting new features and UI changes.

UI /Workflow/Look and Feel:

New/Improved Functionality: 

These new features are available immediately and are entirely free for all Loader users. Below, you’ll find a brief description of each of the new Loader features and enhancements.

All New Styling

Loader is complete with all new styling throughout. The new layouts, controls and color schemes make a user’s load testing experience much more efficient. Users will begin to see a unified style and experience throughout all of our services as they become available within our upcoming developer services console (more on that real soon).

Loader UI New Styling

Simple Test Creation

The UI for creating a new test has been completely redesigned; the end goal being to make adding a new test super simple for users. In addition to the change in styling, you can now specify test duration in either minutes or seconds, specify timeout in seconds or milliseconds, re-order your request URLs, and see directly in the UI which target hosts you’ve already added and whether they’ve been verified yet.

Loader UI Add a New Test

Better Target Host Management

We’ve made it much easier to manage the target hosts (what we used to call “applications”), that you run your Loader tests against. The flow for validating a target host and writing the first test is exceedingly improved. We’ve streamlined the onboarding process, making it much easier to execute, and compartmentalized the new test settings into one manageable configuration page.

Loader Target Host UI

Copying a Test in One Click

Sometimes you want to quickly duplicate a test in order to create multiple variants of a test scenario to see how one performs versus another.  Now we’ve made it easy to copy a test in one click from the “All Tests” page.  From there, you can run the test to create a baseline or click the “Edit” button to create a new test scenario.

Loader Copy Test

Editable Tests

This has been one of the most requested new features to date and we’re really excited to add this functionality. You can now edit existing tests, and you have access to the history of previous test configurations.

Loader Edit Tests Button

All of your test results data will be available in a way you can easily see trends for a test overtime. Combined with per-result notes and sparkline trends, this is a very powerful feature.

Loader Sparkling Trends Notes


This new feature allows users to easily live search for a test by typing in the full or partial name of a test.  This is a great feature to use when you have a long list (multiple pages) of previously created tests. The search functionality would allow immediate access to a specific test or related tests. To use, simply visit the main dashboard in Loader.

Loader - Search

Per-result Notes

This feature is simple, yet powerful. It allows users to apply notes to the results of each test configuration, making it easier keep detailed accounts of your past test configurations.

Loader Result Notes

Test Trends

Now that users have the ability to edit tests, we introduced Trends. Found under the test Results tab, the “Trends” section displays a sparkline of the average response time history so the user has a sense of how the the app is performing over time. This is just the beginning for Trends. We will continue to improve this functionality overtime and profile additional trends in future development cycles.

Loader Trends

If you click on the “Trends” section, you’ll also see the results history that we retained from the previous UI.  This allows you to see a table of detailed performance metrics for each run in this test’s history.

View the Details of Previously Run Tests

Users now have really easy access to a history of previous test results and corresponding configuration. Under the Results tab of a configured test, the left-hand column lists previously run tests by run date and time. Clicking on any opens up the corresponding results and configuration history. Combined with per-result notes, this powerful feature allows users to keep tests organized.


New Relic Integration

When enabled, it pushes the results of your Loader tests to New Relic, allowing you to view this data within a New Relic plugin dashboard.

Explore the New Relic integration tutorial in the SendGrid Developer Services knowledge base.

New Relic Edit Loader

New Relic Insights Integration

When enabled, it pushes the results of your Loader tests into the New Relic Insights platform. Using the New Relic Query Language (NRQL), you can build custom dashboards to visualize your Loader results alongside your other sources of analytics data.

Explore the New Relic Insights integration tutorial in the SendGrid Developer Services knowledge base.

Loader New Relic Insights Integration

Recurring Schedule

This exciting feature allows a user to configure a test to run on a recurring schedule. Additionally, you can schedule a test for a future run simply by setting the date and time and clicking the “Schedule this test” button. The test scheduling controls are found under the “Webhooks & Schedule” tab of a test.

Loader Schedule Tests

Improved Email Reporting

We refined the Loader report emails to provide users with a straightforward summary of test results. The emails allow users to quickly see the average response time of a test as well as any errors that may have generated during a test.

Loader Email Reports

We are thrilled to bring these great new features to our Loader customers and look forward to announcing more updates that enhance the load testing experience.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like assistance upgrading your account or executing these or other Loader features.