More Load Testing Tweaks to the Loader UI

Improved Load Testing Experience

Since releasing our new, revamped interface to Loader just a few shorts weeks ago, we’ve received a ton of positive feedback from users.  Our team continually strives to improve the load testing experience and capabilities of Loader and we’re excited to announce a few small updates to the UI:

Search Filters and Tag Search

One thing we noticed is users who relied on tags had a difficult time searching and pulling up results for tags that sometimes overlapped with other fields like the test name or URL.  So now we’ve made it super easy to search tags, as well as adding the ability to filter by individual fields like test name and URL:

Loader's Load Testing Tag Search Feature

Raw Request Body Changes

We also moved how the “raw request body” is presented when you’re creating and editing a test.  In our first release of the new UI, the Parameters and Raw Body sections were separate, which didn’t make it clear that the two are mutually exclusive.  We’ve combined them into a single section, with a simple toggle to control whether you want key/value parameters or a raw request body.


Loader's Load Testing Parmameter & Raw Body Changes


Loader Param & Raw Body (After - Retina)

Save For Later

Working on a load test, but not ready to run it just yet?  Finally, we’ve added a “Save for later” button so you can create (or edit) a load test without immediately running it!

Loader's Load Testing Save for Later Feature

We hope these tweaks provide a nicer load testing experience in Loader, and as always, feel free to leave feedback and let us know what you think!